How To Become A TEDPA Sponsor 2019-09-15T18:40:11+00:00


  1. Click here to download the Sponsor Packet.
  2. Review the contents.
  3. Submit the Sponsor Conference Registration Form by the deadline.
  4. Submit the Sponsor Registration Payment by the deadline.
  5. The TEDPA Vice Chair and Treasurer will notify you as to your status.


TEDPA Sponsor Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a vendor in an industry that provides telecommunications devices to individuals with disabilities (i.e. deaf, deaf-blind, hard-of-hearing, visually impaired, mobility impaired, etc.)
  • Showcase how your business and/or products impact and empower state telecommunications equipment distribution programs (State EDPs)
  • Register and submit payment by the registration deadline to exhibit at the annual TEDPA conference
  • Submit materials (i.e. company logos, biographies, officer pictures, promotional items, etc.) by deadlines as requested by the TEDPA Board or Conference Planning Committee for inclusion in conference programs, conference member bags, on the TEDPA website, etc.)
  • Follow all requirements and instructions in the annual conference Sponsor Packet and comply with all reasonable requests of the TEDPA Vice Chair, who shall serve as the primary liaison between the TEDPA Board and Sponsors, or the Vice Chair’s designee

The TEDPA Board, at its sole discretion, retains the right to confer or remove a status of TEDPA Sponsor upon any vendor for any and all reasons the Board, by simple majority vote, may deem appropriate and applicable.  Vendors shall be required to register on an annual basis as a TEDPA Sponsor.  Approval as a sponsor in any given year does not automatically confer sponsor status upon any vendor for any subsequent year.


Sponsor Benefits:

  • Opportunity to market the vendor’s product(s)/service(s) to state EDPs
  • Attendance and exhibit space at annual TEDPA conference (subject to payment of conference registration fees; number of attendees and booth space dependent upon sponsor level. See Sponsor Packet for additional information.)
  • Access to and participation in the Sponsor section of Basecamp
  • Direct feedback from state EDP members on vendor’s products/services
  • Advertising space in the conference program and/or app
  • Corporate logo included via sponsor level in various conference materials
  • Presence on TEDPA’s website
  • An honored and appreciated member of the TEDPA family!


Click Here for Sponsor Packet