How To Host a TEDPA Conference 2018-06-09T19:23:43+00:00

Are you considering being a Conference Host State for an upcoming TEDPA conference?  If so, you’ll want to review the NASRA-TEDPA Conference Host State Responsibilities 5.2018 document, which outlines what is expected of being a Host State.  (By the way, NASRA—the National Association for State Relay Administration—partners with TEDPA to coordinate and host our respective conferences in the same location each year to help share mutually incurred expenses and allow members attending both conferences to cut down on travel expenses.)  Please note:  this document is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the TEDPA Board. 


So you’ve reviewed the NASRA-TEDPA Conference Host State Responsibilities 5.2018 document and you’re thinking, “My team can do this!”  Now what?  It’s a good idea to get the approval of your internal administration at whatever level is appropriate within your own organization.  If you need information to help support your request, please reach out to the TEPDA Board.  Additionally, if your state is such that your equipment distribution program is separate from your relay program, and especially if the programs are housed within separate agencies or departments, it is best to get agreement and a commitment to collaboration from the relay program director. 


Your presentation to the membership at the annual meeting can be as formal or informal as you like.  Some states like to present PowerPoint presentations; others may do a video as presented from their state’s tourism department; others may simply present brochures from potential locations or just give an oral presentation.  Get in touch with the Board if you need guidance on how to prepare your presentation.


Finally, consider reaching out to previous conference hosts.  They will be a wealth of information, you can be sure!  Learn from them, ask questions, and most importantly, remember that if you are selected, you’ll have a committee of conference planners and the TEDPA Board assisting and supporting, and the team pulls off a successful conference each and every year.  So step right up for an amazing experience and the honor and satisfaction that comes from assisting with such a worthwhile event!