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The mission of TEDPA is to convene for the purpose of information exchange and to assist one another with the administration of specialized telecommunication equipment distribution programs for persons with disabilities.

  • To educate its members about state and federal regulatory issues and to advocate for changes when they seem to be in the interest of improved quality and efficiency of specialized telecommunications equipment and related programs.
  • To share information about program administration, to share cost-effective ideas and techniques, and to promote ideas about community outreach.
  • To provide representation to other professional, technical and consumer organizations desiring input.
  • To actively examine and advance discussion about issues pertaining to specialized telecommunications equipment when appropriate as determined by TEDPA members, prepare items for membership review and submit advisory opinions about those issues.
  • To perform other functions that may be deemed appropriate by TEDPA members. The association is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, religious or scientific purposes within the meaning of section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code TEDPA National Surveys.

TEDPA conducts national surveys, and maintains data concerning states which have telecommunications equipment distribution programs.

Data is maintained concerning numbers served, disability populations served, equipment distributed, and distribution methodologies.

This information is maintained largely for the use of TEDPA members, but a generalized version of the information may be released to the general public.

Information released to the public may omit budgetary information, and shall omit any information which equipment vendors, manufacturers, or State governmental entities designate as proprietary.