State Program Spotlights Needed!


Do you have something exciting and interesting happening within your state program?  Do you have best practices and tips to share, or do you have solutions for challenges you’ve overcome in your program?

If so, you are invited to write a summary of your program and submit it for future consideration for publication on the TEDPA website!  Submissions should be sent as email attachments to or .docx files are preferred; and no PDF’s, please, to help ensure editing can be done quickly and easily if needed.  Attach website-ready and publication-quality pictures (.jpeg format preferred) with your submission, if desired, with descriptive file names (i.e. AR TAP Spotlight pic 1_2017.jpg).  TEDPA reserves the right to edit any submission for content, length, or other considerations.  Submissions will be published as approved by the TEDPA Board, and length of publication will be determined by volume of submissions received.

Check out the NEWS page for previous state program spotlights and other archived news updates!




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