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Approved at the TEDPA Business Meeting in November, 1997.

Amended during TEDPA Business Meeting:

  • September, 1999
  • October, 2000
  • September, 2003
  • September, 2007
  • September, 2008
  • October, 2010
  • October, 2012
  • October, 2013
  • September, 2016

Click here to download the TEDPA Bylaws Adopted 2016-09-10.

Reminder:  should you wish to submit proposed changes to the Bylaws, those must be submitted by the Bylaws Committee to the general membership at least thirty (30) days in advance of the business meeting.  You are therfore encouraged to submit your changes as quickly as possible so the Bylaws Committee has time to review your proposed change(s) and follow up with you accordingly to ensure your suggested revisions are given every consideration.  Your Bylaws Committee as of April 25, 2017, includes:   Jeff Richter (Chair, WI); Christine Ruderson (VA); and Cole Zulauf (KY).  Article XI of the Bylaws will give you specific instructions for what details to include in your submission.