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The art and science of sound.

10 years ago, my parents began experiencing hearing loss. Seeing how it affected them—their relationship with each other, and with their children and grandchildren—sent us all on an amazing journey we could never have predicted. In fact, it led to the founding of a family company, ClearSounds, dedicated to the art and science of sound.

Today we are the leading developer of highly advanced listening devices for the home, the office, and on the road. Our goal is to give people a great listening experience, whether they’re at a meeting or the symphony. We believe that high-quality sound is an essential part of an enjoyable life, and we’re dedicated to delivering it to our customers in the most simple and ingenious ways.

Our products are created, designed, produced and manufactured by us. We are proud of the many innovative ideas we’ve developed, and we are amazed and gratified by the positive feedback we get. It helps us build on our successes and keep striving for perfection in every new product we create.

If you have ideas, suggestions, comments, we would love to hear from you. One thing is for sure: at ClearSounds, we know how to listen.

Michele Ahlman
President and CEO


Amplified Corded, Cordless & Mobile Phones

Talking Corded and Cordless Phones

Phone Headsets, Neckloops and BlueTooth Audio devices

Amplified Answering Machines


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